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Security Update: Adobe Acrobat and Reader 2015.008.20082


Adobe has updated Adobe Acrobat and Reader to version 2015.008.20082. The update addresses critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-0566, CVE-2014-8450, CVE-2015-3095, CVE-2015-4435, CVE-2015-4438, CVE-2015-4441, CVE-2015-4443, CVE-2015-4444, CVE-2015-4445, CVE-2015-4446, CVE-2015-4447, CVE-2015-4448, CVE-2015-4449, CVE-2015-4450, CVE-2015-4451, CVE-2015-4452, CVE-2015-5085, CVE-2015-5086, CVE-2015-5087, CVE-2015-5088, CVE-2015-5089, CVE-2015-5090, CVE-2015-5091, CVE-2015-5092, CVE-2015-5093, CVE-2015-5094, CVE-2015-5095, CVE-2015-5096, CVE-2015-5097, CVE-2015-5098, CVE-2015-5099, CVE-2015-5100, CVE-2015-5101, CVE-2015-5102, CVE-2015-5103, CVE-2015-5104, CVE-2015-5105, CVE-2015-5106, CVE-2015-5107, CVE-2015-5108, CVE-2015-5109, CVE-2015-5110, CVE-2015-5111, CVE-2015-5113, CVE-2015-5114, CVE-2015-5115) that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

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