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Install the University of Washington IMAP Daemon Install the University of Washington IMAP Daemon
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by Marius Schamschula

This mail daemon is only useful in configure with a mail server package. If you have not done so, please first configure Postfix.



You can use the curl -0 command to download an installer, or use your browser. imap is a part of the University of Washington Pine command line e-mail client. There are two versions of pine:

  1. With SSL
  2. Without SSL

See the download page for more information. Your browser will automatically extract the package.

Note: I have put links to documentation on all the commands we will be using. Clicking on a command will open a window with the man page).

We now want to change directories:

cd pine-4.nn-n-osxn


cd pine-4.nn-nssl-osxn

where n represents the current version, release and Mac OS X version. Now we want to make sure the installation directory is in place (nothing happens if it is)

Now we can install the binary:

sudo ./


Configuring tcp_wrappers

Before you add the lines to /etc/hosts.allow you will want to read How To Configure TCP Wrappers. We now can edit /etc/hosts.allow by running

sudo pico /etc/hosts.allow

and add a line like

imapd: 192.168.1 172.17.138 :ALLOW

Create a SSL Certificate (SSL version only)

openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out /System/Library/OpenSSL/certs/imapd.pem -keyout /System/Library/OpenSSL/certs/imapd.pem

Configuring inetd

We need to enable imap in the /etc/inetd.conf file:

sudo pico /etc/inetd.conf

Add the following line:

imap   stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/tcpd    /usr/local/sbin/imapd

Now we need to restart inetd:

sudo kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

imap should now be running.

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